Article Number: 9039
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 540 Pages, 2016
Institute for experimental freedom

Politics is not a banana. La politica no es un platano.

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Written by people who live well for people who live badly, mixture of the most serious and stupidest philosophical bullshit, vulgar and sober at the same time, PNB continues the tradition of fanzines, comics, counter-culture and the radical and rude criticism of the permanent order of things.

However, it goes beyond, it provides deep reflections, merciless –because anything and anyone escapes from its attacks.

Despite its authors are old chaps from the comfortable West, PNB has been written to remind us that the scum of this never-ending defeat continues fucking us up. And all of us are responsible for that, both those who struggle in this ongoing war and those who do not, people who have been alienated by capital and people who have been alienated by its enemies, priests and their parishioners, communists, anarchists, hippies, socialists, capitalists, Blooms… everyone.

This life is a fucking shit. That’s for sure, but it also has good things, isn’t it? Thus, less complains and more smiles. Now then, let’s not forget that we have to become armed for battle.

There are a lot of taboos among us as if it were nothing. It is time to face them once and for all. Thus, we may clean all the trash that surrounds us, which is no small thing.

A little poison now and then: that makes pleasant dreams. Poison which we get when we shag, take drugs, get together with our friends, read, dance, talk bollocks, fall in love, reflect, destroy, create… poison which may be harmful, yes. However, it does not matter. Is it not true that we are already completely messed up?

Language: English/ Spanish