Article Number: 275
Soft Cover, German, Staple Binding, 152 Pages, 1900
Kristin Metho, Edited with essays by Ruedi Baur, Susanne Hauser.

Pop-up Spaces

Gewohntes findet ungewohnt Stadt

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'Pop-up Spaces' is a collection of 18 projects featuring artists, designers and architects who succeed in creating experiences that make people see their own everyday in a new way.

The book looks behind the scenes. Interviews were used as a starting point which allow sharing in each project’s development, but also show what it means to work in public space. A poster-size imagery index showcases all materials used for these 18 projects and enables another excursion through the book.

The book is digitally printed, perfectly bound and published in an edition of 10 copies.
Dimensions: 23,4 x 15,6 x 1,4 cm

Featured projects by Assocreation, Complizen, Friedemann Derschmidt, Encore Heureux, Kanardo, Karo Architects, LIGNA, mahony, Moiré, Leonard van Munster, Helen Nodding, Qi-Siegmundt Pan, RACA, Damien Regamy, Renato Soldenhoff, Milo Tesselaar, Thalia Theater Halle.