Article Number: 6280
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 432 Pages, 2007
Uli Aigner

Profeminist White Flowers

Sands Murray-Wassink

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Die Publikation „Profeminist WHITE FLOWERS“ erscheint anlässlich der Ausstellung von Sands Murray-Wassink „Above Average Looking/ Accessible Lives (SOMATOPOWER)“ in der Städtischen Kunsthalle München Lothringer 13, im Jahr 2008.

Sie beinhaltet eine Fülle an Texten, Fotomaterial und Beiträgen von Sands und anderen Künstlern. Sands über seine Texte: “… the texts are very important because now another idea of the exhibition is that I wanted to show all of these old like object-based work, in order to take a distance from me and in the future I want to stop making objects completely, if I can, and work only on writing, because writing is super super important to me. Because I can really say it’s like I would want to make a film as well, that I want something so direct and so complex that writing seems to be the only way to do it besides talking. Talking is also good. Meeting people personally. …” (Auszug aus einem Interview, das am 20. Dez. 2007 mit Sands in seiner Ausstellung geführt wurde und auf dem Kunstblog München erschienen ist.) Language: english