Article Number: 4664
Magazine, German, Staple Binding, 40 Pages, 1995

Progetto Arte Journal 1

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Un report dei progetti di Cittadellarte del 1996 (Deutsch/Italienisch/Englisch)

The self evidence with which art assumes an essential role in the social daily life is now lost. Thus again a definition of the artistic practices is brought up for discussion.

How can the contemporary artist reaffirm himself as an active and critic part of the public debate?

With 'Progetto Arte', Michelangelo Pistoletto takes the first step in this direction. The starting point of his meditations is constituted by the intertwining of different paths, by the mixing of fine arts, music, architecture, dance, critical, ecological and political reflection. In Pistoia, the first encounter was held between those who share the same opinions, interests and the desire to participate in this changing process.

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