Article Number: 144
Hard Cover, English, Staple Binding, 36 Pages, 2009
Daan Roosegaarde, Paul Swagerman, Adele Chong.

Progressive Realities 1: "Dune"

'Dune' is an interactive landscape which reacts on the behavior of people. This hybrid of nature and technology exists out of large amounts of fibers which are brightened according to the sounds and motion of passing visitors. (Engl.)

This publication is specially made for the launch of our 'Dune 4.2'; a new, permanent interactive landscape besides the river Maas in Rotterdam, NL. This public artwork of 60 meters utilizes less than 60 Watts while intuitively interacting with the behavior of its visitors; rendering it a sustainable as well as cutting-edge concept. The publication describes the evolution of interactive artwork 'Dune' in the last 4 years and includes notes by artist Daan Roosegaarde and the essay 'I sleep in taxis' by Adele Chong.