Article Number: 4533
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 62 Pages, 2012
Matilda Plöjel, Mattias Jakobsson, Peter Ström, Iaspis

Publishing as (part-time) Practice

The Swedish Graphic Designers Edition
€ 10.50

The publication is a collaboration between Iaspis and the graphic designers Matilda Plöjel, Mattias Jakobsson and Peter Ström.

In May 2012, 'Publishing as (part-time) Practice' was a one-day seminar at Iaspis in Stockholm. Iaspis is the Swedish Art Grants Committee's international programme for visual art. design, craft and architecture. The keynote speakers' addresses are summarized in this publication. The purpose of the seminar and the participation in NYABF is to highlight graphic designers who are also publishers, and pursue a discussion of the designer's changing professional role as both 'author' and 'publisher'.