Article Number: 5065
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 192 Pages, 2012
Paul Gangloff

Punk: Periodical Collection

Punk: periodical collection, On self-publishing practices, a book by Paul Gangloff, assembles interviews interspersed with a series of collages made during a collective graphic experiment.

In the series of interviews, David Bennewith, Christophe Boutin, Didier Christen, Hans-Christian Dany, Stephan Dillemuth, Martijn Haas, Roberto Ohrt, Gee Vaucher — and others — speak about anarcho-punk, bohemian research, city magazines, design, Do-It-Yourself, open houses, imposters, insults, means of production, post-punk, pre-Xerox, self-organization, the Situationist International, strategy and zines.

Punk: periodical collection introduces punk self-publishing not just as the visual style of a bygone epoch, as a “source of inspiration” or for direct recuperation. Rather, it discusses the different figures animating the context in which zines were made: the dilettante, the imposter, the rats and the entrepreneur.