Article Number: 8241
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stiching, 201 Pages, 2016
Suzanne Cotter, Ricardo Nicolau

Que Sais-Je? Livros e Edições de artista

da Coleção / from the Collection

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Que sais-je? is the world's most famous pocket encyclopaedia. Founded in 1941, this collection of books is designed to introduce the general public into a wide variety of different areas. Since it was founded in 1941 it has published 3,800 titles by 2,500 authors.

Que sais-je? is the fourth in the series of publications devoted to research and presentation of works from the Serralves Collection. This volume presents 26 artists' publications by 21 artists in the Serralves Collection of Artists' Books and Editions presented in exhibitions at the CAPC, musée d'art contemporian de Bordeaux, from May to September 2015, and the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art in the spring of 2016.

Language: Portugese, English