Article Number: 1883
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 92 Pages, 2004, Revolver - Archiv für aktuelle Kunst

Re: The Rainbow

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Addressing these and other issues "Re: The Rainbow" presents six different takes on color, culture, and other curiosities. Multifarious yet distinct, far-reaching in scope but palpable in effect, the volume gathers contributions by artists Tacita Dean and Spencer Finch, as well as scholars David Bachlor, Aris Fioretos, Mikhail Iampolski and Fay Zika.

Few phenomena raise such irritating questions concerning aesthetic experience and cultural perception as color. Whether understood historically or symbolically, ideologically or physiologically, color is one of the rare categories to be properly transdisciplinary in character. There is color in both a painting and a symphony, a piece of text and a film. But how may color in the visual arts be related to, indeed translated into, color in the fields of – let's say – literature or music? By which means do contemporary artistic practices investigate, but also destabilize, habits and frameworks that govern the perception and presentation of color in a given time or place? Which are the cultural ramifications of the specific medium and which colors appear? And what, pray, is chromophobia?

Mit Beiträgen von David Bachelor, Tacita Dean, Spencer Finch, Aris Fioretos, Mikhail Iampolski und Fay Zika (englisch)