Article Number: 10511
Soft Cover, English, 132 Pages, 2011
Pierre Granoux


€ 28.00

Limited, hand numbered and signed edition of Pierre Granoux's "READYWEB: HÉRISSON" with 1500 referenced images, of which 24 have been printed in this edition, from the archive of the artist between 2006 and 2011.

“In his depot of bottle racks (Hérisson), Pierre Granoux presents excerpts from his pictorial index and registry of titles gathered during strolls through the digital bazaar. As a found object of Modern Art, the bottle rack is, via the Internet, collected, exhibited, consecutively numbered and lettered in countless variations."“As a warehouse catalogue, the registry of titles in his “Readyweb Archives” comprises an index for empty bottle racks – but also a checklist for the art of misappropriation. Since Duchamp introduced a bottle rack into the canon of art in the form of a ready-made, every variation of the exhibition of a ready-made says: This is not a bottle rack. Since Granoux introduced ready-mades into the canon of art in the form of scanned bottle racks, every variation of the artistic processing of a bottle rack says: This is not a ready-made."“Granoux is not a Modernist. And the artist book by Pierre Granoux demonstrates as a work of contemporary art that modern collections are more than a mere depot for completely drained and emptied bottles.” (Robert Krokowski) Language: English/German/French