Article Number: 7297
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 408 Pages, 2015, Sternberg Press
Christoph Cox, Jenny Jaskey, Suhail Malik

Realism Materialism Art

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Realism Materialism Art introduces a wide range of new realist and materialist philosophies and examines their influence within the arts. This dynamic collection of texts and images breaks realism and materialism out of their philosophical frames and opens them to broader cultural and social concerns.

Realism Materialism Art (RMA) introduces a diverse selection of new realist and materialist philosophies and examines their ramifications on the arts. Encompassing neo-materialist theories, object-oriented ontologies, and neo-rationalist philosophies, RMA serves as a primer on “speculative realism,” considering its conceptual innovations as spurs to artistic thinking and practice and beyond. Despite their differences, these philosophical positions propose that thought can and does think outside itself, and that reality can be known without its being shaped by and for human comprehension. Today’s realisms and materialisms explicitly challenge many of the dominant assumptions of cultural practice and theoretical inquiry, opening up new domains of research and artistic inquiry.

Cutting across diverse thematic interests and modes of investigation, the thirty-five essays in RMA offer a snapshot of the emerging and rapidly changing set of ideas and practices proposed by contemporary realisms and materialisms. The book demonstrates the broad challenge of realist and materialist approaches to received disciplinary categories and forms of practice, capturing their nascent reworking of art, philosophy, culture, theory, and science, among other fields. As such, RMA expands beyond the primarily philosophical context in which realism and materialism have developed.

Language: English

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