Article Number: 12697
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 23 Pages, 2016, possible books

Reflections Daniel Eatock

€ 23.00

The physical form of the book explored with photographs of reflections, that are positioned with the line of symmetry aligned with the pages binding. The turning of the pages echoes and adds depth to the two dimensional plane of each photo. (ref. the pealing apart of ink blot paintings, Rorschach test cards). The reader is goaded to put stress on the intersection of pages, generating a morphologic change in the shape of the book, producing creases on the spine.

Using my background knowledge from working as a graphic designer, I employ a rational, logical and pragmatic approach when making work. I have an ongoing interest to proposing and finding solutions to problems, often problems that cannot be formulated before they have been solved, the shaping of the question is part of the answer. I look for things to fix or improve, working like a tinkerer/inventor, I propose alternatives to existing models, preferring to find ways around doing things properly, bypassing the struggle. I make work for museums, galleries, television, cinema, design, advertising, branding, and education. I use self referentiality as an objective guide to reduce the extraneous and subjective, and strive for a conceptual logic. The idea is paramount and the material form secondary. My website is a tool where I both create works, and index and exhibit projects chronologically. I propose systems, templates, invitations and opportunities for collaboration, creating social networks where contributors shape the outcome and participate in the building of works. I build work both individually and collaboratively often leading teams on large projects. I embrace contradictions, and dilemmas. I am always interested in new ways of working and making connections with people to enable works, large and small, to materialise. I like gray areas, oxymorons and the feeling of falling backwards. My favorite colour is the purple found in a soap bubble. I like to swap and exchange things as an alternative to money. I seek alignments, paradoxes, chance circumstance, loops, impossibilities and wit encountered in everyday life. I often change my mind, go full circle, and arrive at the beginning. D.E.