Article Number: 708
Hard Cover, English, Staple Binding, 2008,
Francesco Pedraglio

Rehearsing Realities

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Rehearsing Realities, an exhibition on paper began with a proposal to a group of international artists and curators, inviting them to imagine a fictional exhibition at FormContent.

Often being confronted by theoretical and cultural evenness, FormContent was particularly intrigued by the idea of an accumulation of imaginary gestures, of alternative histories and creative personal mythologies. An exercise in rehearsing curatorial realities has taken place through the different responses sent to FormContent. Tailored to a specific format, these proposals present imagined exhibitions, which comprise traces, fragments, and beginnings of stories.

The question of whether they are real or fictional is not important, what matters is that they translate minds onto paper. Conducting and publishing this project allows FormContent to ponder its own identity and, at the same time, explore new curatorial boundaries by expanding the project beyond the walls of its physical space. This publication employs FormContent’s usual mode of communication, a format somewhere between a press release, a poster, a document and an invitation; a black laser print on recycled A3 sized paper. For FormContent’s one-year anniversary, we are pleased to present twenty one exhibitions by artists and curators who share a common approach that has become the core of FormContent’s practice. We would like to thank all participants warmly for their time and support, and especially for their crazy and generous ideas.