Article Number: 8027
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 56 Pages, 2015
Bas Medik

Appropriating Conditions

Artists who work by appropriating conditions implicit notions of hot to Approach and read art. Their practice is not about how to make or construct works, but about how to generally see, define or recognise works as works

Bottle tree (appropriating conditions) – Stand-in (displacing oneself) – Spectral politics (what appears exists) – Hole theory (picturing the hole vs. inhabiting the hole) – Fiction (private and public) – Translation (x as y as z) – Unclear actions (the best news footage is the most confused) – Brick radio (substitutes) – Invocation (placing appropriation in time) – Re-contextualizing (copy as a meta-original) – Seeing death (death and the image of death) – After-image (mediating memory) – Edible family (mother, father, daughter, son, baby) – Image making (image as a substitute) – Crash (establishing physical contact) – Blow job (film as fragment) – The tenant (to burry one’s arm) – Over-identification (destabilising affirmation) – Editing (form and mold)

Language: English