Article Number: 5059
Soft Cover, English, 60 Pages, 2012

Adam Avikainen. Ginger Glacier

Part of the Gargantua Series - Gargantua is an occasional publishing project by Robin Vanbesien. A series of publications by different artists will be published at irregular intervals. (English)

Several points regarding Ginger Glacier:
-- in 5 billion years or so the earth will be completely obliterated by the sun
-- in 1 billion years all of the oceans will have evaporated
-- in those billion years there will have been about 20 cataclysmic extinction about once every 50 million years.
-- we have less than 50 million years to drastically alter our physical bodies to withstand extreme shock...i'm not talking about motorcycle helmets...i'm talking slow-decay, single-celled organisms with molten salt reactor pets.
-- i, adam avikainen, have spent the last year teaching at a junior high school in japan
-- due to events in the past year, i have thought a lot about how fragile earlobes are or...or our conjunctiva are...yes, let's start there. when an event would occur, the adults would rush to the television to see how big it was...the kids...they sit still...they know how big it is ....they can still remember the void...they're closer...we will go back closer than before.
-- this book is a disease...whoa, whoa...don't close it just's a good one, and you have already caught it. it starts in the eye. it involves us becoming a ginger glacier. a frozen heat wave.
-- the only way to overcome the energy of the sun is to become the sun, or its shadow. we have to be extremely adaptable.
-- do you really want to be stuck in some plastic ship with a bunch of people from your office...eating transmogrified iced tangerine burgers?'s implausible. our current genetic structure would melt.
...we must be the glacer glacier...finger the eraser...linger with a debaser....
the hilly cinematographer conspired with the rocky bio-engineer to find a way to stay in the eye. Permanent sty.
the landscapes began to fall into the same traps that everything falls into. morasses of hope.
any reference to human beings in this publication is only to allow the human being reading this to identify with the balls of gas grown from them.
human beings, as we know them, no longer exist in this portraitscape
it is ludicrous to think one has complete control.
old people often refuse to predict farflung future farts, because they have seen it doesn't add up ever.
we face the past. we walk backwards into the expanding sun, saving our face for later.