Article Number: 3537
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 100 Pages, 2010, Eigen
Jacco Kranenburg

Roomservice #1

Human Billboards

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On auction site eBay, there are regular auctions of people who offer themselves as advertising medium. For over two years, we purchased as many of these human billboards as possible to advertise our design studio Roomservice. (English)

These people include, among others, an office assistant, a golfer, a harp builder, a four month year old baby, a cancer patient and a rodeo cowboy. Motives for becoming a human billboard are diverse and vary from ‘just for fun’ to financial trouble and from boredom to plain exhibitionism. There’s one thing they have in common namely a deep-rooted conviction to offer valuable advertising opportunities.

These, primarily American, human billboards were asked to provide a series of photographs as proof of active advertising. Instead of actual effective advertising it did provide some unique views into people’s personal lives. Some of these most fascinating transactions are presented in this magazine.