Article Number: 9662
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stiching, 168 Pages, 2017, ISBN 9788867490004
Ria Rönicke

Rosa's Letters

The letters permit us a glimpse of a space that contains many different reflections.

Stray thoughts about everyday activities, deliberations about work, the creation of theories, observations from the sofa with the cat on your lap, views across national borders… introspection, declarations and manifestations of love… discussions, disagreements and opposition… an approach to a trusted human being to ease your mind, to share and get a response to something unclarified. This is a space that can be defined neither as private nor public, and where the borderline between these is fluid. A space that extends beyond itself." (Pia Rönicke)
Based on a selection of the more than 2,500 letters that Rosa Luxembourg composed over the course of her life, Rosa's Letters, edited by Pia Rönicke, presents a fragment of the Polish revolutionary’s life, which the artist has developed into the narrative of an encounter where the two women’s personal histories come to overlap, highlighting the familiarity and significance of these documents in the artist’s life and thoughts, a century after they were written.

Language: English