Article Number: 433
Hard Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 218 Pages, 2007, Edition Fink
Peter Stoffel

Scenes From Every Land

€ 21.00

This is a Facsimile of a third edition copy of Gilbert H. Grosvenor's Scenes From Every Land.

Originally published in 1912 by the National Geographic Society, as a collection of 250 illustrations and photographs from the National Geographic Magazine, this secondhand copy was found by the artist at a flea market in Berlin nulled of almost all its pictures, neatly cut out by its previous owner, with only fragments of text and some images pasted in different sections of the book. Peter Stoffel's reincarnation of this classic but vestigial book, plays on the ideas of perception and time, as well as the notion of the book as art object, propounding a significant interconnectedness between artist, viewer and subject.

Language: English/French