Article Number: 3384
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 184 Pages, 2012,
Getrud Koch, Volker Pantenburg, Simon Rothöhler

Screen Dynamics

Mapping the Borders of Cinema

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From moving images on the Internet to giant IMAX displays: The number of screens in the public and private sphere has increased significantly during the last two decades. (Engl.)

While this is often taken to indicate the “death of cinema,” this volume attempts to reconsider the limits and specifics of film and the traditional movie theater. It analyzes notions of spectatorship, the relationship between cinema and the “uncinematic,” the contested place of installation art in the history of experimental cinema, and the characteristics of the high definition image. Further contributions discuss the ways in which cinema interacts with other arts and media such as theater and television.

Contributors include Raymond Bellour, Victor Burgin, Vinzenz Hediger, Tom Gunning, Miriam Hansen, Ute Holl, Ekkehard Knörer, Thomas Morsch, Jonathan Rosenbaum and the editors.