Article Number: 7686
Hard Cover, German, 2020, Rumsti Pumpsti/Daniel Löwenbrück
Günter Brus, Hermann Nitsch, Dieter Roth, Gerhard Rühm

Selten gehörte Musik

€ 27.80

Fourth part in the Selten Gehörte Musik reissue series. Two CDs packaged in illustrated 12“ LP gatefold-sleeve. Edition of 500 copies.

"The next 'Rarely heard Music' production was staged once again in a private setting: at Hermann Nitsch’s Villa Romenthal by Lake Ammer on 12th February 1975: the Streichquartett 558171 (Romenthalquartett) with Günter Brus, Hermann Nitsch, Dieter Roth and Gerhard Rühm, which filled all of a three album boxed set. Although originally we had simply made a selection of the recorded material large enough to fill a single album, Roth was unable to part with the remaining material when it came to having the records pressed. The remorseless inclusion of even the failures, the idle moments, was so radical it almost bordered on masochism. In this particular case i felt it was an ascetic exercise in dispensing with all the correction and rectification, a ban on holding anything back. simultaneously he often hard school of total acceptance had a stimulating and in some ways liberating effect on me, mindful as i normally am of formal rigor and economy of means“ - Gerhard Rühm

Apart from the group session this edition also includes a duo piano session by Dieter Roth and Hermann Nitsch recorded in Stuttgart, November 1975.