Article Number: 1835
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 64 Pages, 2006, Roma Publications
Kees Goudzwaard


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Book about new paintings of Kees Goudzwaard (* 1958 Utrecht, NL) on on the occasion of his solo-exhibition in Culturgest, Lisbon, from May 20 until August 27, 2006.

"Kees Goudzwaard's creates his paintings by transferring paper models, compositions he applies to the canvas using sheets of paper and tape. The process by which Goudzwaard's work comes into being consists of two parts: he first makes a model which he then translates into paint on canvas. He sees the model as a temporary example. Goudzwaard then painstakingly places different areas of paper - often a combination of coloured and transparent paper - next to and above one another. He attaches the paper with tape, usually along the full length of the edge of the paper. In other examples of his work an area of colour covers the entire canvas onto which Goudzwaard has then stuck a criss-cross pattern of strips of tape. Sheets of paper and tape are used as a stand-in for areas of colour and lines; these are the building blocks which are meant to help him come into contact with the composition. He uses the paper shapes to try out colour combinations and visualise certain characteristics. At a certain point the model is brought to a close and the painting process begins. In his early work especially he also used silk-screen printing techniques to transfer areas of text. During the painting process the work gradually frees itself from the model and acquires independence. In the painting process Goudzwaard works step by step. Each separate part of the model is replaced with an equivalent in paint and the image is built up in paint in exactly the same way as the paper model." (EVA WITTOCX)