Article Number: 9855
Soft Cover, German, Thread Stitching, 348 Pages, 2016
Siri Aurdal, Eline Mugaas

Siri Aurdal by Eline Mugaas

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Siri Aurdal by Eline Mugaas is an artist book produced on the occasion of a two-person exhibition by the artists at Kunstnernes Hus (Norway).

The publication features Eline Mugaas collaging together decades of drawings, documentation, collages, and ephemera by Siri Aurdal with a lyrical approach reminiscent of Mugaas’ work with the magazine ALBUM. This method unfolds the traditional logic of an exhibition catalog, replacing its typical organizational structure (chronology, installation views, thematic documentation) with the artistic agency of Mugaas.

Language: English