Article Number: 12232
Soft Cover, English, Spiral Binding, 240 Pages, 2021

Small Sculptural Statements

€ 20.00

Small Sculptural Statements is a book of poetry and a book of sculpture. It is a book of poetic sculpture. It is the poetry of our time, one line at a time, one line a page. The text appears as though edited in a manuscript with words crossed out and the edits written above. It is a collection of Garnet’s small sculptural statements produced from 2004 to 2020.

Beginning with SMALL STATEMENTS and fittingly ending with AFTER THE FALL, there are eleven series of texts. In some series Garnet is the author, in others he quotes and rewrites the original. In BEYOND THE PLEASURE PRINCIPAL, he quotes and rewrites the Sigmund Freud work. In CRITIQUE OF JUDGEMENT, with an insincere humility, he rewrites Emmanuel Kant’s pivotal text. 11:11 is taken from television news at 11:11. MONEY DREAMS rewrites comments about capitalism, transforming capital to culture. AFTER THE FALL lyrically laments aging and dying. Often humorous, always critical, Garnet’s texts are timely and relevant.