Article Number: 2841
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 192 Pages, 2011, Sternberg Press

Solution 214-238 The Book of Japans

Things are conspicuous in their absence

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Solution 214-238: The Book of Japans is part of the Solution series, edited by Ingo Niermann and designed by Zak Kyes.

Following the success of The Book of Scotlands (shortlisted for the Scottish Arts Council’s First Book prize), Momus has been commissioned to write another book as part of Ingo Niermann’s Solution Series. Solution Japan, or The Book of Japans, makes a case for the rehabilitation of the idea of the “far.” We live in a time when difference and distance have been eroded and eradicated by globalization, the Internet, and cheap jet travel. The Book of Japans restores a sense of wonder—along with a plethora of imagination-triggering inaccuracies—by taking the reader on a trip not just through space but also time.