Article Number: 11710
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 47 Pages, 2018, Galerie Krinzinger
Joris Van de Moortel

Songs of the Incomplete II

A SUNDAY MESS ou Les sept sacrements pour une performance suivi par LE SON DE LA FUMÉE BLANCHE

Published on the occasion of the exhibitions: Cachivache Bugui Bugui at Bozar Brussels and The Sound of White Smoke at Krinzinger Gallery Vienna

"Songs of the incomplete issue II is part of the journey on field recording my own environment. Continuing this sonic exploration in my own words is as much an antidote as an ecouragement to our daily consumption of environmental sound and music. For this edition I focused on the exhibition Cachivache Bugui Bugui at BOZAR, the collaboration with the Belgian National Orchestra and the origin for the music score for the latter: A Sunday Mess and The 7 Sacraments for a performance.

The second part: Le son de la fumée blanche (Das Geräusch von Weißem Rauch) is a guide through the exhibition's works and music at Galerie Krinzinger in Vienna. The two exhibitions happen at the same time. So it is by no coincidene they collide in this publication. Moreover that the Vienna's smoke edition is a distilllation on 1 of the 7 elements of the sacraments. Both exhibitions comewith a 12 inch vinyl record." (Joris Van de Moortel)

105 x 148 mm

edition of 500 copies

Sprache: Englisch