Article Number: 2055
Hard Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 64 Pages, 2010, Roma Publications
Jan Kempenaers


A book full of powerful photographs of mysterious monuments in former Yugoslavia.

In the description by Willem Jan Neutelings one learns that those Spomeniks are everywhere, but “hardly anyone outside of the former Yugoslavia is aware of their existence […] no one really wants to be reminded that they are there. […] We see the powerful beauty of the monumental sculptures and we catch ourselves forgetting the victims in whose name they were built. This is in no way a reproach to the photographer, but rather attests to the strength of the images. […] Kempenaers did not set out as a documentary photographer, but first and foremost as an artist seeking to create a new image. An image so powerful that it engulfs the viewer. He allows the viewer to enjoy the melancholy beauty of the Spomeniks, but in so doing, forces us to take a position on a social issue.”