Article Number: 1645
Hard Cover, German, 2006, Divus
Spunk Seipel

Stars from Video Palace

27 German Short Film Experiments With a Commentary by Spunk Seipel

As a new edition of Teledivision, Divus and Eastern Alliance have published a compilation of 27 German videos and short experimental films on DVD with book. Selected and written by Spunk Seipel.

In the presented edition of Eastern Alliance we introduce for the first time the young video scene in a country which doesn’t belong to Eastern Europe. Germany has a big tradition in art films. Then it is no wonder that since the coming of video technique some 40 years back artists started using it for themselves. Galleries and museums accepted this art form quite quickly. In the 90s there was a huge boom of video art. Surely this has something to do with the fact that collectors pay big money for it. Video art ist such a common medium today that nearly all artists – including painters and photographers - sometimes use it as a form of expression. It shows that the limits of the conventional genres such as music videos, documentarys and feature videos are not always clearly defined and the choice of expressive means is even bigger thanks to video. In this edition we show the widest possible selection of these various styles and techniques, although we cannot show video installations or video films here. We present here a cross-section of the young video art scene in Germany. Of course this can give only a little insight in the huge amount of works in this field. But the introduced artists and films are examples of the current happenings in the video art scene in Germany. Enjoy watching and discovering. Spunk Seipel