Article Number: 8345
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 240 Pages, 2005
Hans-Christian Dany

starship Nr. 8, Part 1: The year we have been nowhere

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The Year we have been nowhere will have two parts. This is the first one.

Since we have been so strangely absent, a systematic approach appeared to be the best way of redefining a territory. Which means that the editors’ contribution was just to formulate an offer and to send it to people we relate to, in many different ways. In the course of events, it was also passed on to various others, possibly losing its consistency, which, again, seemed appropriate for an issue on "nowhere". What we wanted was to set up coordinates by publishing a formalised map of relations. These coordinates exist in themselves as well.So it is the beginning of something. Language: English / Deutsch