Article Number: 8787
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 168 Pages, 2016, Selda Asal
Selda Asal

stay with me

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Before and even after, many people died, were killed. Wars have not yet ended and never will. Martial law, unjustifiable executions, military governments, gynocides…

Really, what kept us alive during those periods… How did we look, what was happening, what did we see, were we able to see? If we weren’t able to see, then what was it that had blinded us? Maybe we had grown accustomed to a lot, we had become immune to it all. Maybe listening to all the coverage entitled “live broadcasts” every night had inured us. Yes, this was probably why we changed channels so often and thus, were allowing other dreams to draw us into new realms. Yes, this was called forgetting, and we had managed to learn how to do this. I am returning to the first question: What was it ? What happened? Do we know the answer? There was so much happening at every single moment that the sentence we had constructed to fool ourselves was ready; we just weren’t able to keep up.

Sprache: Englisch und Türkisch.