Article Number: 11731
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 43 Pages, 2018, Robert Jelinek, Der Konterfei
Robert Jelinek


Porn, the reason for everything else
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If it was once God who pervaded and determined every last corner of human existence, it is now porn, the sibling of sex.

Pornography is omnipresent in today's converged media environments. Never has porn reached so many – and such diverse – public spaces as now, in the era of constantly emerging distribution channels. A general “pornification” of society and its medial constitution is now being postulated, something that is ultimately reflected in the expansion of the “pornographic” category itself. Filmed sexuality is always located within a nexus of word, image, and action that defines bodies, historically suggests their specific forms of desire, divides legitimate from illegitimate practices, and assists in producing their sexualization in the first place. These entanglements are subject to complex, media-specific processes and procedures whose investigation in the usual literature all too often remains unexact.

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