Article Number: 1517
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stiching, 144 Pages, 2004, SKC Belgrade
Tanja Ostojić

Strategies of Success

Curator Series 2001 - 2003

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"The exhibition Strategies of Success / Curator Series 2001 -2003, (La BOX, Bourges) [...] deals exactly with the attempt to analyse the complexity of issues dealing with class-relations within the art-sytsem, as well as with relations of power-position and sexuality from a radically different point of view. " (Tanja Ostojić, Introduction)

"Although gossip an myth are part of the concept with which the project Curator Series deals with, it is not at all wise to reduce it solely to such limited and superficial interpretations. Therefore, this book aims to be a collection of referential essays, photos and video-stills that were collected over the past three years of the project in order to provide a complete source of material for a broader and better understanding of the project." (Tanja Ostojić, Introduction)