Article Number: 5592
Magazine, German, Thread Stitching, 144 Pages, 2013, STREULICHT
Ed. by Amelie Zadeh, Roland Fischer-Briand, Art Direction, Design: Mario Kiesenhofer

Streulicht #3

Photography - Cinematic
€ 20.00

The third edition of STREULICHT is dedicated to the theme: Photography & Cinematic.

Images move, images stand still – what narratives are engendered in the interplay between photography and film?Where do they contradict, complement and overlap?How do images assemble themselves into an entity, how do they combine and separate themselves?“Photography, this is the truth. And film is the truth 24 times a second.” (from Jean-Luc Godards „Le Petit Soldat“)What forms of thought and documentation produce still and moving images?Does each type of image produce a different kind of authenticity?Do static images “speak” more than moving images or vice versa? Language: English