Article Number: 7584
Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 20 Pages, 2013, Thomas Geiger- Mark Pezinger Verlag
Thomas Geiger

Sur le Pont de Charleroi

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Das Heftchen mit dem Titel "Sur le Pont de Charleroi" besteht aus schwarz- weiß Abbildungen von gemalten Brückenfragmenten sowie der Erzählung einer kurzen Begegnung.

“I stood on a bridge when a little girl came. She asked me: Mister do you have a coin so I can buy me a bread? And I said: No
On my way home I had a guilty consience. And at the next day, I returned to the bridge and the same girl came again and asked me the same question …” Sprache: Englisch