Article Number: 8982
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 92 Pages, 2016
Dorotheé Depuis

Terremoto 7 - La vida eterna

€ 10.30

The glare that a shadow can emit is evident in recent Latin American history, a history notoriously scored by oppression, violence, disappearances, and other painful secrets tossed into the gray areas of memory and to the margins of hegemonic historical accounts.

In the shadow, you’re protected by the invisibility of marginalization—at the same time you’re made vulnerable by a lack of guarantees brought about through the neglect of the dominant power. The shadows that move through us are the constant reminder of what never changes: long-standing oppression and discrimination, perpetuated all around us in a political climate of abuse and tough luck.

As we name them, draw their contours and seek to resolve their enigmas, we ask ourselves to what real end do we use artistic thought to gain awareness of those shadows? Can something change? Or are those ideas mere shadow play?

Sprache: Englisch und Spanisch