Article Number: 7081
Soft Cover, German, Glue Binding, 134 Pages, 2014, Revolver Publishing by VVV, ISBN 978-3-95763-236-4
Andreas van Dürren, Studio Hausherr, Spreedruck

TEXT- Revue

Characters #Nr.12
€ 15.40

This issue enacts the term 'model' in a variety of applications: the mere letter, the idea of literality, typography and terminology - shifting to portrait, shapes of the human to come, design and utopian ways of living.

It gives examples of Op-Art (Bridget Riley and Peter Sedgley), classical conceptualism (Hanne Darboven) as well as an updated understanding of performance (Genevieve White) and mind game installations (Paulo Bottarelli) ; finally there is a tribute to Sun Ra, the master of nonconformism.

Language: English, German