Article Number: 1640
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 152 Pages, 2004, Divus
Ján Mančuška


T (Texts)

andy warhol from A to B and back again: ..." What else is new?" "I don't know, " snapped B, who hates to be interrupted. "What are you doing?" "Cleaning up." "Cleaning is a thing that bugs me twenty-four hours a day, " B answered.


andy warhol: from A to B and back again
eugéne ionesco: the killer
egon bondy: Oh central Bohemia, diary of a girl seeking egon bondy
lévi-strauss: tristes tropiques
philip k.dick: the three stigmata of palmer eldritch
g.a.effinger: when gravity fails
hans belting: the end of art history
marcel proust: rembrances of things past, time regained
dave hickey: air guitar, shining hours – forgiving rhyme
josef vondrášek
albert camus: the plague, the rebel