Article Number: 4525
Soft Cover, Glue Binding, 50 Pages, 2012, 2nd cannon
Brian Kennon

Thank Christ for the Bomb

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Thank Christ for the Bomb is an artists' book made from scans of the 2008 Secession catalog for the exhibition 'Moods' by Tom Burr.

Scanned in one sitting, the images within the book are arranged in the sequence in which they were scanned. Using the foldouts of the original catalog's front and back covers, Kennon finds a simple way to rearrange the content of the book during the process of scanning it. Scans deemed uninteresting were removed, leaving blank pages in their place. While the phrase "Thank Christ for the Bomb" finds a playful relationship to the images of Burr's exhibition, the titles comes from the 1970 album by The Groundhogs which served as the soundtrack during the scanning and layout the book. Together, the book and its title create a portrait of one afternoon's engagement with a book. (Quelle: Verlag)