Article Number: 11234
Soft Cover, German, Glue Binding, 148 Pages, 2009
Marko Todorovic

The Architecture of Exhibition: How to Expose the Spectator to the Audience?

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The architecture of the exhibition becomes a process whereby each of us is split into a ‘spectator’ and an ‘audience’. This is a split into the ideal spectator of the exhibition-who is geometrically positioned as an ideal point in space and thus coincides with Cartesian cogito- and the audience, whose eye craves to watch, expressing a desire to observe.

The overall set-up of the exhibition supports a dialogue between the spectator and the audience, between cogito and desire.
The architecture of the exhibition first produces a plot within the subject itself and then offers a pedagogy that disciplines the carving of the eye in order that it reaches the spectator’s position.. In other words, the exhibition itself is caught in the economy of ‘too much-too little’: if you see’ the way the exhibition is set up, you lose the desire to watch it; yet unless the exhibition has a frame, you lose the position of the spectator.

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