Article Number: 2573
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 62 Pages, 2004, post editions
Susanne Kriemann

The Camouflage Museum

€ 16.50

The Camouflage Museum (short TCM) discusses a situation between the virtual and the existing. It holds neither a permanent location for its displays nor is it fixed to a certain field of subjects. Its architectural structure consists of spaces which have hosted, host and will host The Camouflage Museum for a period of time. The outlines of those spaces will be later used to construct TCM's architectural structure.

The Camouflage Museum displays objects, text, videos, performances and lectures. Projects in public space and on the internet will also complement its activities in various ways. The organization and execution of TCM lies in the hands of FUV, the Foundation for Urban Variations. This organisation collaborates with the host institution and sets up a team of curators and assistant curators for the realisation of TCM's projects.

This publication is an art book by Susanne Kriemann. In her work she combines elements like reality, fictionality and virtuality of space, time and content.

Sprache: Deutsch, Englisch