Article Number: 8126
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 186 Pages, 1976
Art, Language



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"THE FOX" was started by several members of the New York faction of Art & Language, a conceptual art collective who put out three issues in 1975-76.

"To me the overwhelming significance of the spontaneous coming together of individuals in groups such as Artists Meeting for Cul-tural Change, to meet, to talk, to work together, is not the convivial interchange of ideas which permits us to 'let off steam' or assuage our troubled consciences- the real value and import of such meetings lies precisely in the fact that it is only in our social interaction, in the gradual and often extremely frustrating process of developing a clear self and social consciousness that any alternative basis for responsible cultural and political action can emerge." -- 'For artists meeting" by Sarah Charlesworth p. 41

Language: English