Article Number: 6406
Soft Cover, German, Thread Stiching, 354 Pages, 2012, Antenne Books
Victor Boullet

The Institute of Social Hypocrisy

€ 20.50

The Institute of Social Hypocrisy, 2009 - 2011, was a performance artwork by Victor Boullet that served to front a collaborative art program by providing a fictitious level of authority behind which the artist’s activities could reign free.

During its lifetime The Institute permitted a selection of artists, curators, writers to participate in a venture that moved beyond the activities within its Paris walls and onto an international stage. This weighty publication is not only the complete summary of the events, installations, exhibitions and publications that comprised The Institute of Social Hypocrisy, but also an abundance of additional information provides a glimpse behind the scenes. Emails and correspondence between participants and a comprehensive photographic documentary open a window onto the engagement of the diverse contributors and the processes involved in its creation. The book serves as the ongoing physical remains of this involved project and is the opportunity to experience the totality of the events included.