Article Number: 2605
Hard Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 208 Pages, 2005, Revolver - Archiv für aktuelle Kunst
Sala Rekalde Erakustaretoa

The Invisible Insurrection of Million Minds

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This exhibition's title is taken from a visionary essay by the Scottish author Alexander Trocchi, published in Internationale Situationiste in January 1963. Recognising creativity as the major force of the modern economy, Trocchi urges a cultural revolt that seizes "the grids of expression and the powerhouses of the mind." The Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds – produced by rekalde – takes this spirit of emancipation as the starting point for a presentation of artistic proposals for social transformation.

The Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds includes works and new productions by 20 artists and artist groups from different historical and geographical contexts. Working from the knowledge that social space is not a thing among other things, or a product among other products, art constitutes a difference in the public sphere. The exhibition discusses the frictions and conflicts of contemporary society, as well as providing attempts to imagine models for the future. By connecting individual bodies and minds, artistic practice becomes a sharing of experience - a collective pedagogy reflecting people's work and dreams. Key questions explored by the exhibition are: What is the place and possibility of the artistic imagination? How does art narrate utopia - and its failure? How can contemporary society connect to the future? Through electronic music, murals, playgrounds, constructivist children drawings, a protest garden and an archive, the exhibition opens up the gallery space to the urban space of Bilbao.

Sala de Exposiciones Rekalde Erakustaretoa, Bilbao (10. März - 5. Juni 2005): Christian Andersson, Art & Language, Fikret Atay, Jacques-Louis David presented by Dominique Lora, Luca Frei and Xabier Salaberria, Anita Fricek, Peter Friedl, El Lissitzky, Kasimir Maliévich, Begoña Muñoz, Deimantas Narkevicius, Palle Nielsen, Nils Norman, Adrian Piper, Tere Recarens, Jonas Maria Schul, Bruno Serralongue, Solmaz Shahbazi, Tommy Stockel;

mit Textbeiträgen von Brian Holmes, Christoph Menke, Palle Nielsen, Alexander Trocchi, Lars Bang Larsen, Carles Guerra und Chus Martinez (baskisch/kastilisch/englisch)