Article Number: 216
Hard Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 114 Pages, 2009,
Ben Cain

The Making of the Means

Trying to Finish a Conversation

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The writing and objects seen here in this book comprised part of the solo exhibition "The Making of the Means", which took place at Wiels in Bruessels during the Summer of 2009. This book is not a record of that exhibition, but rather intends to focus on representing the conversations and dialogues that were key components of this show.

In the "Making of the Means", a series of informal fiction conversations, written in three languages and presented in the form of hand written and printed text on posters were situated on walls and purpose-built display units in a large open space. Here the conversations were placed in direct relation to a purpose built enviroment, to a very physical type of making, and to a number of objects that might be seen as sculptures, production or conversation tools; or construction materials balanced between "outcomes" and "process". The built environment and its various objects and architectural interventions had a dramatic influence on the nature of the text and perhaps more significantly on the way in which the text could be read, both in terms of interpretation and ones physical positioning while reading. An awareness of the physical environment and ones negotation of and influence upon it was integral to the reading experience. Language: English