Article Number: 7028
Hard Cover, German, Thread Stitching, 288 Pages, 2015
Beatrix Ruf, Bart Rutten, Maurice Rummens, Patrice Deparpe, Paule Caen-Martin, Dominique Szymusiak

The Oasis of Matisse

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The readers are transported through the presentation of the permanent collection, enriched with a selection of world class artworks (paintings, sculptures, and work on paper) by this master.

At the heart of this publication is one of the most popular works in the Stedelijk's collection: the monumental paper cut-out The Parakeet and the Mermaid (1952-1953). This iconic artwork is presented alongside other cut-outs by Matisse and rarely-exhibited works in fabric and stained glass inspired by them. Matisse sought the most perfect possible union between shape and color. He depicted Eastern nudes, colorful fabrics, carpets, potted plants, and idyllic landscapes. The publication reveals that, until his death, Matisse sought to evoke a bright, joyous simplicity with the minimum of means: the oasis of Matisse.