Article Number: 11770
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 160 Pages, 2018, Harpune Verlag
Salvatore Viviano


€ 20.00

A lost and found diary, with stories, facts and visions about the three and half years of the gallery's life. A diary, a book, about a gallery (the One Work Gallery), a town (Vienna), a world (the art world) and an artist (Salvatore Viviano).

Salvatore Viviano (1980, IT) opened the One Work Gallery in Vienna in May 2014 and closed it in December 2017. During its three and half years of fervent activity, the gallery exhibited and presented more than 50 artists. The gallery, as its name suggests, showed one work at a time. The works were always visible through the big glass door, even when the door was locked. The light was always on, 24/7. The gallery had a double bed instead of an office, because comfort is mandatory.

Sprache: Englisch