Article Number: 9038
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 88 Pages, 2014
Kasper Andreasen

the place of writing

€ 15.50

This book was published on the occasion of the exhibition Kasper Andreasen: The Place of Writing which ran from 16 November 2014 until 11 January 2015 in the Cultural Centre Hasselt (CCHA), Belgium.

Kasper Andreasen’s oeuvre encompasses drawing, printed matter, and map-making, with a focus on the relationship between the gestures of drawing and writing. Published on the occasion of an eponymous exhibition at the Cultural Centre Hasselt, Belgium, this book reflects his fascination with the cartographic and the ephemeral. Andreasen refers to his methods as “archi-textual”, principal ways of mapping writing and drawing activities into their respective image-forms. For him, the place of writing is equally significant as the writing tools and surface, the physical gesture, or the arrangement and context. With texts by Andreasen, Zlatko Wurzberg, and Clemens von Lucius. Language: English/Dutch