Article Number: 2078
Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 124 Pages, 2010, de Appel
Ann Demeester, Nell Donkers, Edna van Duyn

The Shadow Files

€ 16.90

The publication series The Shadowfiles aims to make the undercurrent of (hidden) ideas and desires, thoughts and texts, which for de Appel functions like a permanent source of energy, accessible.

Alongside the range of public activities that an arts centre realises, there’s a plethora of work that isn’t shown – and often it’s not meant to be: research is being done, proposals are being made, ideas are being developed but never realised, conversations and brainstorm sessions take place behind the scenes but don’t lead to visible results… The Shadowfiles aims to capture this ‘shadowside’ of de Appel’s activities and will appear once a year.

This first issue of The Shadowfiles has as its starting point the shadow project ‘Take the Money and Run’ which was realised by employees of de Appel arts centre as a parallel and urgent element of the benefit auction ‘Two in One’. This auction was organised in conjunction with Christie’s and Witte de With to help finance the renovation of de Appel’s future home base on the Prins Hendrikkade 142. Looking back at this attempt to financial self-help, our considerations, doubts and objections are being exposed and the phenomenon of auctions is being put in a wider context.