Article Number: 2940
Hard Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 102 Pages, 2008, Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg
Rainer Prohaska

The 'Z'-Boats

Modular Barges
€ 28.80

"The 'Z'-Boats" began on July 30 2007 in Aggsbach Markt, Austria, on the bank of the river. In the course of a ten week boat trip to Ruse, Bulgaria, I built a sculpture based on a simple, swimming frame construction together with Eva Grumeth and two alternating guests.

The frame consisted of three wooden boats, known as "Zillen". These barges were connected to a "Trimaran" construction using aluminium trusses. The extensions of the sculpture were carried out during the trip. All materials and objects used were either found, bought or exchanged with people from the villages and regions along the river banks.

Since the crew actually lived on the boat, the requirements of this "work in progress" concerned, above all, the social and functional aspects of the constructed elements, such as sanitary facilities, places to live and sleep, cooking and relaxing areas. Another target was the modular architecture of the boat, to be able to adapt the construction to specific needs and transport it to exhibition sites. All connections were established exclusively with tension belts and cable straps.

Language: English