Article Number: 4146
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 2012, Theoral
Philipp Schmickl

theoral no. 5

€ 15.00

It has always been very strange for me, this thing with ideas, where ideas come from and especially when you want to be an artist you alwys ask yourself: Where did he take this idea from?

And you read staff and you say: it's incredible! How do you find ideas? And I think, they find you actually, they just arrive somehow, you just need to think.

What I am really interested in is just the breath, reasonating through things, it doesn't matter if it's a flute or a saxophone or if it's a bottle. I guess, some of them are designated quite well to do some good things at particular times in your life. I think, the thing is they are kind of vehicles for the breath to be expressed, so then, I think, that's what I am as an instrumentalist, like a breather, hehe (Quelle: Buch).

Language: English