Article Number: 4173
Magazine, English, 22 Pages, 2000, FoMu (Foto Museum)
Zaza Bertrand, Cravat en Bada, Lara Gasparotto, Liesbet Grupping, Clement Huylebroeck, Elisabeth Ida, An Sofie kesteleyn, Arnold lebovics, Hana Miletic, Max Pinckers


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Every day FoMu is swamped with portfolios, websites, blogs and photobooks, all desperately in search of a platform: which is why FoMu has decided to create one… .tiff is a future-oriented, annual showcase of young Belgian talent.

FoMu will publish a selection of the very best of the up-and-coming image makers of our country. .tiff resolutely opts for quality, challenging content, diversity and originality. It launches 10 photographers who want to break free and push back frontiers: Zaza BERTRAND, CRAVAT & BADA, Lara GASPAROTTO, Liesbet GRUPPING, Clément HUYLENBROECK, Elisabeth IDA, An-Sofie KESTELEYN, Arnold LEBOVICS, Hana MILETIC en Max PINCKERS.

Like Belgian photography in general, it will be impossible to find a common denominator for .tiff. What it presents is a variety of personalities, a true mosaic of styles, genres and signatures. .tiff is a flexible poster format that begs to be taken apart, turned inside out and to start a life of its own. But it is you who decides what is to happen next!

Language: English